Your Story

You’re working so hard.

That overwhelm is a common feeling many leaders experience. And it’s a hard thing to admit out loud, especially when things feels stuck.

It can be really stressful trying to balance all the tensions inherent in managing your team. You want the best for them. You want to keep loving your own work. You’re willing to experiment in order to create a truly healthy organization.

You’re also worried you can’t fix what’s broken. It can be hard to see the forest for the trees.

It’s OK to feel what you’re feeling – it’s natural to want more, better. It’s also OK to not have all the answers yourself.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

~ Albert Einstein

There IS another way.

There IS a path to becoming a healthier, more naturally productive, flourishing organization.

Let’s talk about what you’re experiencing.

What might need transforming?

  • Is it how the work flows to create the value you want to offer?
  • Is it people, capacity, or policies that you need to develop to accomplish your goals?
  • It is the business model itself?
  • Are you clear on where you’re going? Is the path there aligned with your strategic intent?

How you strategize, how the work is organized, what you offer, how it creates value, how you monetize it, your talent, your policies, the way authority and power is held and distributed in the organization – all of this contributes to your organizational culture.

Are you open to looking at things – everything – differently?

Leaders typically approach companies like TimeZero because their strategy needs to be updated, the business model needs to evolve, their operating model needs to be better aligned with strategy, they don’t have the capacity or human capability or culture necessary to thrive. You’re likely experiencing more than one of these issues.

The truth is, all of these concerns are connected.

Where to start?!

You’ve probably been asked a hundred times: What’s your “why”? Let’s frame that question more particularly: What is the real impact you are trying to create? What binds your people together in service of that purpose? Is everyone in your organization living in a way that will allow you to advance your strategy?

You’re not alone.

We have all had the experience of trying to address challenges created by competing needs, and end up getting stuck, or worse, polarized. What if those tensions could be leveraged to effectively channel the essential flow of energy and resources that contribute to your prosperity?

It may not feel like it, but you already have the power.

Really! Another truth – and it’s great news – is, that because your organization is a living system, your starting point is already there, in your system.

TimeZero’s approach to creating and supporting flourishing systems helps you see what’s already present in your system making the invisible visible.

Begin where you are.

It’s not only OK to begin where you are, it’s essential!

You’ve already figured out that “high performance” is not the same thing as “good health”. Organizational success comes not through “driving outcomes” but through starting where the good energy already exists in an organization, and together, creating the conditions that allow for continual adaptation in service of your organization’s and your people’s flourishing.

TimeZero meets you were you are – where the appetite for change is already emerging in your organization – and helps you to nourish and support your unique evolution, and to expand your focus beyond the assumptions that are keeping you from your potential.

What a relief!

You’re looking for more than just another “expert”. You need a breath of fresh air.

Yes, we have tools, insights, and strategies to share, but more than that, we bring acceptance – for who and where you are. We’re a nonjudgmental guide who honestly believes in your potential, and in the intrinsic energy and power that your personal and organizational well-being will yield.

TimeZero will help you find your own unique path for moving forward – to build and sustain resilience, agility and trust, enhance communication and collaboration, and foster engagement and connected leadership.

You deserve to experience work as joyful, productive, and meaningful.

Each of you, and all of you together.

It’s your time.

Ready to go beyond surviving – to thriving? Contact TimeZero today to learn more.