How is the work done?

You’ve got what it takes! And … you may need a guide to help you unlock all that potential, so that you – every one of you – are poised both to tackle your most significant challenges, and to build the capability and the culture that allows you to flourish.

That’s where TimeZero comes in. We’re not here to change you, or set yourself against a finite or linear system. We’re here to share the questions that allow you to recognize and appreciate your organization as a living system capable of healthy, natural evolution, and the conversations and processes that enable you to create the conditions that make it possible.

“Nature doesn’t change; it creates new in the midst of what is.”


Looking to validate strategy, or refresh or rethink it altogether?

The first and essential discernment we do together centers on whether you still understand WHO you are at your core, and how you show up, both inside and outside the organization. Once you’re clear about the soul of the organization, then you have a realistic touchstone — your WHY — for the strategic conversation ahead.

Next we assess the big HOW — the process of examining who you are in the broader ecosystem you seek to serve. We look through the lenses of complexity and volatility of the ecosystem itself, to provide context for the services and products you offer, the way you organize your work, and your culture.

Then, together we engage in a process of deliberation with representatives of all stakeholder groups (customers/clients, partners, influencers, and your entire internal system — everyone from line workers to the senior leadership team) to understand their experiences, perspectives – their journeys. Through a series of generative questions that engage the whole system in an iterative, interactive process, we learn together, from the system itself.

Importantly, the process tells you what you need to be doing, but also creates pull in the system that allows the direction to emerge from the system itself, as opposed to be being applied or rolled out from the top down.

More on point — by involving everyone impacted, you’ll have created the will and the pull needed to activate and operationalize your strategy, and to enable a natural cadence of ongoing communication around what’s being done.

This helps build an organizational culture in which everyone is accustomed to and invested in the dialogue that creates value – for your customers, your organization, your ecosystem.

The result?

You’ll have inspired heightened levels of responsibility, transparency and engagement as things are emerging, constantly building capacity and encouraging agency, so that everyone in the system is a good advocate for the work of the whole.

Operationalizing that strategy

Now then: Is your company organized to deliver on that new strategy? Does your operating model allow you to effectively and sustainably create value in an rapidly changing world? Or is the day-to-day taxing your organization’s ability to survive – much less thrive?

When your operating model is not aligned with strategy, it’s like your back being out of whack: You may be able to make it through a day, but it exhausts your body just to do so, depletes your reserves, and ultimately reduces your resilience, putting you at greater risk when the unexpected happens, when disruption hits.

When strategy IS aligned with your operating model, you’re able to move more effectively, with greater agility, using less energy. You increase your adaptive capacity and can more easily respond to changes in your environment.

Learning in action

TimeZero helps you and your teams develop mastery through action and practice as you work and learn together, tackling real issues, doing real work that matters now, so you can build high performing teams and great leaders.

We look forward to getting to know you and your needs! If you’re ready to flourish, contact us today, and let’s begin.