Sowing Seeds

In Janine Benyus’ book Biomimicry, Innovation Inspired by Nature, she states that “nature doesn’t change, it creates new in the midst of what is.” This belief is foundational to TimeZero’s approach. Rather than go up against the inertia of an organizational system and try to change it, we look for those “glimmers of flourishing” that illuminate where the seeds of transformation already exist, to help organizations nourish them.

Our “Sowing Seeds” blog highlights the seeds of flourishing we and our colleagues have encountered in our work with leaders, teams, organizations, and communities. It reflects a range of insights we have gained through our work and the work of others, which you can use in your own journeys.

In fact, if you have your own story from the field where you sow, we would love to hear it!

Nature – and Life – Evolve Through Imperfection

I was listening to Adrian Bejan’s book, The Physics of Life, and was struck by his writing on how nature doesn’t seek perfection. “Nothing flows ideally,” Bejan says. “Every flow system is destined to remain imperfect. The struggle of nature is to be the least imperfect it can be.” Consider how a river is continuously … Read more

A Lesson in Recharging

Last Wednesday morning I went out to start my car and realized that I had left the rear hatch open all night. Sure enough, the car wouldn’t start because the battery was dead. Thanks to my husband, I got where I needed to go, and after being dropped off back home that evening, I called … Read more

The Wisdom is in the System … we just need to listen.

Have you ever been faced with what seem to be so many critical and competing priorities that you feel like you are either going in circles or frozen in place because you don’t know where or how to start? There is so much noise it’s hard to discern priorities… to know what is most needed … Read more