Our Partners


Great Lakes Biomimicry consists of a collaboration of Northeast Ohio organizations and individuals focused on developing a place-based, living learning ecosystem based on biomimicry. Currently, over 100 individuals from all elements of the NEO community are involved in this collaborative effort ranging from business, educational, medical and public and philanthropic sectors. Collectively these groups are engaged in working to determine what structures and processes are needed to establish Northeast Ohio as the world’s preeminent biomimicry lens capital. Additionally, these groups are exploring means to leverage local assets for economic advantage.


We work with companies, nonprofits, governments, school districts and other communities in three focal areas:
Climate Change: We specialize in assisting leaders and organizations as they reduce and cope with the effects of climate change.
Education: We target teacher learning as a strategic leverage point as educational systems become more adaptive to changing student needs.
Wellness: We focus on supporting administrators and practitioners in health-related fields as they implement initiatives to address behavior change in health. d.cipher offers workshops in team leadership development and ‘integrated change management’ using innovative tools such as biomimicry (following after nature's patterns), design thinking, and improv— in concert with research-based methods from the learning sciences and behavioral sciences. Our sessions strengthen teams, enhance creativity, and generate pathways to new solutions in a time-efficient, non-judgmental and playful atmosphere.

IDEIA is formed by a network of people with a vocation and an approach to work that is based on the passion to build thoughtful and heartfelt relations by means of dialogue, peace, sustainability and cooperation. Professionals who create dialogue networks that enable people to share by building and build by sharing, using our strengths to progress towards realities that are more beneficial and harmonious for everyone.

IDEIA offers and promotes:

  • Spaces where people can dialogue about the questions that matter.
  • Meetings in which we move from dialogue to design and the social construction of new realities.
  • Consultancy, coaching and training in methodologies that foster change, based on strengths and dialogues. Appreciative Inquiry is one of the approaches we use.
  • Dialogue and mediation to resolve conflicts using an appreciative approach.

IDEIA is based in Barcelona, Spain, with a network of consultants and institutions in different countries and continents.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Anaïs Nin