About Us

TimeZero came from our vision for flourishing in the places where people work and live. Partners Sally, Argerie and Ilma have experience with a wide range of organizations and industries from the inside out. By amplifying their "flourishing quotient," we have helped organizations envision new futures and develop the strategies and designs essential for accomplishing those futures.  Their work builds on strengths to realize inherent potential, helping people connect to their purpose and align through collective values to co-create organizations that are adaptive, agile, resilient and healthy.

TimeZero releases the power of human potential so that individuals, teams, organizations, and systems can flourish.  A flourishing organization is a thriving and prosperous enterprise. Flourishing is powered by connection.  When we connect to our selves, each other, and the planet, we co-create conditions conducive to life.  

TimeZero is about flourishing NOW.


What is Flourishing?

Flourishing is a state of high performance, health and wellbeing.  Flourishing is defined as "thriving" and being "prosperous" (Collins English Thesaurus) while "growing or developing in a healthy, vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment" (Oxford Dictionary).  A flourishing enterprise values both performance and health.  Caring matters and culture is king.  Deep purpose activates and motivates guides and inspires engages and energizes.  

Sounds great, right?  But look around the vast majority of employees feel depleted, diminished, disenfranchised, demoralized, and disengaged at work.  

It is not because we do not care.  It is not because we are not trying.  It is not for lack of technology.  

It is because we are disconnected from our planet, each other, and ourselves.   And this disconnection often makes us blind to the systems we are trying to lead and transform and to our inner source of leadership that is essential for that transformation. 

We measure intelligence quotient (IQ).  We measure emotional intelligence quotient (EQ).  What if we measured our flourishing quotient our FQ? 

What is your FQ?

Our Approach

We believe in the power of connection and that people connected to themselves, each other, and the world can co-create conditions conducive to life in their teams, their organizations, and their communities.  Our approach is integrative connecting the power of Appreciative Inquiry, systems thinking and the learning organization, biomimicry, Theory U, and Gestalt.  This way, we help our clients build on their strengths and realize their inherent potential so they can create the organizations they want to be a part of organizations steeped in purpose and that are adaptive, agile, resilient, and healthy.  

Our Philosophy and Guiding Principles:

  • People thrive by connecting to their deepest sense of purpose
  • By connecting to the natural world, we tap into the genius of natural systems, including our own human genius
  • By connecting to what is natural within and without, we can build and sustain teams, organizations, and communities that consistently create conditions conducive to life
  • Connected people, teams, organizations, and communities help lead to a thriving world.  We believe that people connected to themselves, each other, and the world can co-create conditions conducive to life in their teams, their organizations and their communities

Our practice leverages an über-framework of three tenets that awaken and catalyze these connections:

Appreciating the whole

We take a whole systems approach, helping individuals, teams, and organizations see more of what’s possible and build on their strengths. By being systems ‘seers’ and thinkers, leaders can expand their lines of sight, take more effective action, and be increasingly responsive in the face of change and disruption ... helping their organizations respond and learn more successfully.

Emulating life's genius

We help build healthier, more vital and resilient organizations by tapping into the genius of the natural world around and within us. By actively mimicking and modeling natural form, natural processes, and natural ecosystems, we help organizations learn how to become more agile and adaptive in a world that is increasingly VUCA, giving people a new and powerful lens for addressing the questions their organizations are facing today.

Learn in action

We help people gain knowledge through actions and practice, working and learning together by tackling real issues and reflecting on their actions. In other words, by doing real work that matters now, we help individuals develop mastery and organizations build high performing teams and great leaders.

"Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves."
Jawaharlal Nehru